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Relaxing Lavender eye pillows

During lockdown, I decided to learn a new skill -
how to use a sewing machine.

I bought myself a mini machine, some fabric and got to work. 
The outcome? Lavander eye pillows!

Lovingly hand crafted Pink cloud themed or Vintage blue eye pillow filled with rice and organic dried lavender. Perfect for any yoga, meditation, or relaxation lover.

This pillow can be heated on a radiator (20 mins) or cooled down in the fridge (30 mins) before being popped on your eyes for helpw with relaxation.

I used mine during Savasana, as light pressure on the eyes allows the body to sink into a deeper state of rest + helps to lower heart rate (Google Oculocardiac reflex for more information.)

As they are handmade each pillow is unique and has slightly different dimensions however on average they are 17cm x 9cm.

This product is made by a yoga teacher for yoga lovers or those looking for help with relaxation + comes with a free box of incense with every order! The cover is also removable for handwashing.

If you are a yoga teacher and wish to buy in bulk, feel free to send me a message - we can personalise material and filling to suit your needs.