Class Details

What you can expect.

Rise and Shine Stretch


Steady and creative flows centered around the Surya Namaska (Sun Salutation) format. Each class you'll work towards a specific 'peak' pose.


For yogis who have a little more experience. Expect to get hot, work hard and practice an arm balances or two!


Super slow linked postures held anywhere from 2-5 minutes designed to open and release tension deep within the body. 

Start your day with soft and subtle shift of energy. Gently open and stretch different areas of the body depending on that days intention. Perfect class for beginners or improvers.

Flow to Restore

Expect a flow of mindful movement and postures intended to release stress and tension. The second half we'll settle into deep relaxation with longer held postures to help repair and restore.

Yang to Yin

Each class we'll dive a little further into yoga. Within the 90 minutes you can expect a tough 60-minute vinyasa/power style class including lots of opportunities to explore inversions with the final 30 minutes saved for calming yin. The perfect way to end your week.


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