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Energy Equinox 
Wales - September 20th - 25th 2022

Retreat with me

Last of the summer wine…


As the stars align for the second time in 2022, welcoming a change in the wind and shorter days, we bring you our ‘Celestial Balance’ escape in the most enchanted of settings. Situated within the walls of a 15th century farmhouse overlooking the Black Mountains on one side, and Herefordshire countryside on the other, this retreat home couldn’t be a more perfect space to cocoon yourself whilst journeying through each energy chakra on the yoga mat.

Echoing this realignment, your time in Wales will entice you to think twice about your balance of life and how it influences your energy stores. From daily habits, goals and mindset. On this escape we will raise a glass to toast to discovering a sense cornucopia in life.

What to expect…


5 nights in a traditional Welsh Farmhouse

Daily yoga focusing on creating balance in each chakra, from a fiery dynamic practice to awaken your solar plexus to a calming yin practice to find grounding through your root chakra

Daily excursions to embrace the country pursuits, kayaking and hiking through the woodland network

A plunge into the natural spring water hot tub

Daily nutritious and seasonal meals

Workshop revolving around how to develop your yoga practice

Time to toast marshmallows over the open fire-pit whilst absorbing the starriest of night skies

One surprise treat

Wellness for the week…

Over the 6 days we want to take you away from your usual habitat to an awe-inspiring mountainside location. With wild fauna and flora this retreat, bolstered in a bubble of nature, will seduce your shoulders to drop, your jaw to unclench and your breathing to ease as you enter a state of pure relaxation upon arrival. With a steady beat to your breath we will begin our journey travelling through each energy chakra through a series of yang and yin movements on the yoga mat.

Your time on the mat will not only strengthen the body physically, but it’ll create space and increase flexibility. When the body is given the time to create great movement, it can achieve great things! We want you to use this chance to unleash new energy by discovering how to tap into the chakras to develop your practice, learn new skills or perhaps create the foundation for a new relationship between you and your body.

Once this relationship has been established, we can foster fluid movement governed by our breath on the mat to create a calm and happy mind!

Food is just as important as the air we breathe, not only is the food on this retreat local, sustainable and seasonal, but it is designed to compliment every essence of the week.

Here’s an example of how our week in Wales will look...


Upon arrival we will be welcomed with drinks before ‘wringing out’ our travels with a gentle vinyasa flow, followed by dinner under the setting stars 


Our first day will start our journey through the chakras, starting off with a morning dynamic practice tapping into our Root chakra. Continuing this theme of our root & staying grounded & connected to Mother Earth, we will set off for a hike before returning home to unwind with a calming yin. 


Waking up to the sounds sheep baa’ing, we will rise ready for a fiery dynamic flow to honour the Solar plexus chakra. After building internal heat, we will cool it down with cold water therapy & a day kayaking! With not too many dips in the lake, we will head home for a heart opening yin & dinner by the fire. 


Rising a little slower on this Autumn equinox, we will welcome the day with a slow restorative flow & a nourishing breakfast before settling down for a meditation & journalling session to reflect on the year so far. Picking the energy back up, we will take our toes to the sky for a workshop, before having an adventure around the local area. Our day will end with time in the hot tub & homemade pizza! 


Our penultimate day will begin with a dynamic back bending practice to honour the Throat chakra, encouraging communication & openness, we will then take to the hills once more for a hike & picnic lunch. Returning home for dinner & time to toast marshmallows by fire pit & get the guitar out!


The last day will end on the Third eye chakra, bringing in wisdom & contentment, we will gather for a final time on the mat all together before having the last few moments to bask in the setting.


Luxury twin bed in a shared room with a single bed and ensuite bathroom £1,195.00

Luxury private room for one person with large double bed, bath in bedroom and access to shared bathroom £1,450.00

Luxury private room for one person with large double bed and ensuite bathroom £1,550.00

Luxury private room for two with large double bed, bath in bedroom and access to shared bathroom £2,195.00 (total price for 2 people)

Luxury private room for two with large double bed and ensuite bathroom from £2,295.00 (total price for 2 people)

Reserve your spot on this retreat by completing the enquiry form below.


I can’t wait to see you in Wales!

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