Feel your aliveness.


About Eithne Bryan

Eithne is a compassionate teacher full of uplifting energy who teaches from a place of clarity and intuition. Having discovered yoga in 2015, she was instantly hooked to the practice and took her first teacher training course in 2018.

Coming from a background of Dance and Gymnastics she teaches explorative, accessible and inspirational flows suitable for all.


Eva S

I have had private classes with Eithne for nearly 6 months now and I can't believe how much my practice changed. I feel stronger, braver and more in tune with my body. I met Eithne while she was doing a cover class at More Yoga and it only took that one class for me to contact her for private lessons - which says everything. Her way of teaching is amazing and unique - I directly loved how she build in challenging practices and little surprises but also mindfulness and love. You can tell just how passionate she is about yoga. My goal is it to be stronger, believe in myself, listen to my body and get into the more advanced postures with time. Eithne listened to what I wanted to achieve and tailored a class plan for me. I enjoy every practice with her and she plans every class amazingly to what I need for that day. I fully trust her with everything, every sequence is unique, fun, totally nonjudgmental and positive. She is the most amazing teacher and I can't wait to continue this journey together.

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